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Technology Influence On Healthcare Industry

Technology Influence on Healthcare Industry

Unlike any other industry, healthcare has seen a burst of technology use cases and its revolutionizing on how the industry will look in the future. With the adoption of smartphones and internet enabled services, it has provided room for the virtual and connected world – where doctors are able to collaborate with patients in real-time. Few of the trending use cases in India include; remote monitoring, smart ambulance and vitals monitoring.

Healthcare in Action

The industry has majorly seen partnerships and research happening in recent times. Microsoft has partnered with Niti Aayog for deploying AI in healthcare, Wipro has partnered with GE to advance healthcare industry with AI in focus and NTT Data is researching on AI based diagnosis. These are just few glimpse of the happenings. To know more about the insights we deliver, contact us at Our robust platform based on AI, will help our clients to stay competitive in the market.

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